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Coaches & Parents: Unless you're batting .500 & with power in youth or amateur baseball, there is something in this course for your ball player.  Introducing BASEBALL SWING MASTERY!

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In 30+ Videos, I Break Down the Exact Swings of the World's Greatest Hitters ... To Hit For Both Average and Power

1. Exclusive Online
Video Based
Training Program

Access the training program from your phone, laptop or tablet.  Watch the training videos anywhere you have internet access while at home or at the field.

2. We'll Assess Your Swing and Discover How to Tackle Your Unique Scenario

This training program walks you step by step through the entire swing, from the beginner all the way to the advanced ball player. It will feel as if I'm there in person teaching you and understanding your unique swing.

3. Get the Results You've Been Looking For!

Start hitting line drives, doubles off the wall and even the long ball home runs and have pitchers fear you when you step into the batters box!

"Committed to Transforming Baseball Players into World Class MVP Hitters that Pitchers Fear When They Step Up to Home Plate"



I'm Vinny Mazzurco, the creator of Baseball Swing's a system that has been used by thousands of baseball players at all different ages and levels of skill to get real results in increasing both their average & power.

The impact has been students and clients have thanked me countlessly in getting them the results they've been looking for. Whether they went from sitting on the bench to the key starter on their team or already being one of the top players on their team to being in the headlines in the sports section of the newspaper multiple times.....and I am dedicated to you becoming the ball player you were meant to be!


Baseball Swing Mastery - DVD 

For those who prefer the classic DVD version Baseball Swing Mastery is available on Amazon.

Available on Amazon Here

"This is the only review of a product I have EVER written because I believe in it that much. If you are someone who wants to see their child do better and you realize that video instruction is the way to go, then this is the best series out there. If you are frustrated and want your child to do better - than you are exactly where I was before I purchased [Baseball Swing Mastery]. I hope it helps you like it has helped us."

~Andrew Weisinger

The #1 Myth About the Baseball Swing
(Course Preview)

Watch Now to Find Out


In Baseball Swing Mastery you'll learn:

By taking this training program today, you'll get the complete A-Z on how to get REAL Results in Increasing Both Average & Power in your swing. It's the first of its kind that gives you the full blueprint... so no matter what your level of expertise is, you can bet you'll find success.

(Core Topics) Mastering the Mechanics of the Baseball Swing

  • The #1 MYTH about the baseball swing that most coaches don't even know is hurting your swing!
  • Why MOST batting cages and pitching machines will do more harm than good to your swing...
  • How to eliminate hitting wimpy ground balls and start hitting line drives, doubles off the wall and even the long ball home runs!

(Part I) Mastering the Mechanics of the Baseball Swing 

  • How to MASTER the proper mechanics for the first half of the Swing! (Including the Grip, Pre-stance, Stride & Load, and Hitting Position)
  • How to Use the 1, 2, 3 Drill to Effectively Condition the proper mechanics in to your kid's swing so it's Automatic!
  • How to train without a bat by using the mirror in your house!
  • We'll assess your swing and discover how to tackle your unique scenario!

(Part II) Mastering the Mechanics of the Baseball Swing

  • How to MASTER the proper mechanics for the second half of the swing! (Including Approach to the Ball, Contact, and Post-contact)
  • When to hit for power and when NOT to hit for power and how!
  • Where POWER really comes from!
  • The secrets to having OPPOSITE FIELD POWER!
  • How to hit for BOTH Average & Power at the same time!
  • The do's and don'ts of mastering the mechanics of the baseball swing and MUCH MORE!

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Bonus Course

Here is some of what you'll get in the "Advance Strategies" course:
  • "CURVEBALL CONQUEST" - Curveballs are the Achilles heel of the average player.  I'll teach you how to master the curveball so you don't have to worry about being fooled ever again.
  • "KNOWING YOUR STRKE ZONE" - As you know, if your swing at pitches that are NOT strikes, you're going to be the one striking yourself out as opposed to the pitcher.  HUGE ISSUE!
  • "TOTAL CLAIRVOYANCE" - I'll teach you nearly how to predict the future and pick up if the pitch is a curveball, fastball, changeup, slider, etc. before the pitch even gets to home plate.  This will increase your chances dramatically of making solid contact and getting a base hit or home run!
  • And that's just a sample of what you'll learn, we go much deeper in my 17 Advanced Strategies videos!


Bonus #1: The 3 Most Important Keys to Hitting For Power ($47 Value)

  • I save the best for last and Dive Deeper into the topic of Hitting for Power to discuss, the physical as well as the mental thought process in hitting for power!
  • Discover the Secrets of the All Time Great Home Run Hitters and much More!

Bonus #2: The Mental Game ($77 Value)

  • I go over What You Should Be Thinking about while at the plate!
  • What should Really be going on in your kid's mind while at bat!
  • I go over the non-physical stuff, that can't be seen!...and much More!

Bonus #3: How to Effectively Practice Using Hitting Drills ($127 Value)

  • Be able to finally know how to properly practice using a batting tee!
  • I will give you the Step-by-Step System of how to most effectively practice, right in your own home!
  • Get the most our of your practice time, practicing effectively and doing what works!...and much More!

Get the Exclusive Online Baseball Swing Mastery Training Program Today

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60 Day 100% Money-Back- I-Want-You-To-Love-It Guarantee:
"I am putting ALL of the risk on ME!"

If for any reason what-so-ever, you are not happy, with ANY aspect of the course and its contents, than simply send me a quick email and I will immediately refund 100% of your money, no-questions-asked!
Like I said, all of the risk is on me!
-Vinny Mazzurco


Q: What age group is this product for?

A: This product is taught in a step-by-step method for the beginner, intermediate, as well as advanced baseball player.  No matter what your age this course is designed so that you see measurable results.  Perfect for t-ball, little league, travel ball, high school, college or even at the professional level.


Q: Is this product for the player, coach or parent?

A: This product can be used individually by the player, parent or coach.  The training is taught in a way that allows the player to easily take the information and apply it on themself, as well as the coach or parent to be able to take the information in the product and apply it to their son or player on their team.


Q: What specifically will I learn from this product?

A: You will learn how to hit for a higher average, hit with more power, including the long ball (the home run) using the Baseball Swing Mastery course's step-by-step system.  You will also learn how to get your kid off the bench and keep them in the game, transform your son into the STAR of their team, train your son to effortlessly hit home runs, increase your son's batting average to .500+ and beyond and build your son's confidence through baseball that will spread to other areas of their life and much more.


Q: How will this product teach me to hit for a higher average & with more power?

A: It shows you the step-by-step process for easily optimizing keeping your bat in the hitting zone, and shows you what each part of your body needs to be doing at each and every point of the swing.  You will be able to effortlessly perform the optimal baseball swing that will allow you to get hit after hit without even having to think about what you are doing. We will condition all the proper mechanics of the baseball swing into your body, so the proper mechanics just flow out of your body naturally while at bat during a game.

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P.S. No one likes to watch their kid sit on the bench, strike out, or be unhappy.  Not you, and not your kid.  The longer you wait to take action, the harder it is to break bad habits that your kid probably has developed or will develop if they continue what they're doing in swinging the wrong way.  Don't let this be you.  Baseball Swing Mastery is your blue print to Mastering the baseball swing!


To your success!

-Vinny Mazzurco

Creator of the Exclusive

Baseball Swing Mastery Program

"I viewed some of the site yesterday and was just blown away with your expertise and how much this is going to help these boys."


"I've never heard the swing described in such a way that was so easy to understand."

~Evan Hall

"My son enjoys playing baseball. Last year, he joined Little League and played in the outfield. He had a lot of difficulty with hitting the ball. He struck out most of the time and almost never made any contact. He had no confidence at the plate and thought about quitting the game especially after all his friends kept getting hit after hit. After only a few sessions with Baseball Swing Mastery, he was a completely different player. With his new found plate discipline, he not only hit the ball, but much harder and further than most of his peers. He hit singles and doubles every game. Strikeouts were few and far between."

~Carmichael A

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